I’m an artist, writer, designer, and bi as hell. My emphasis is on people, always featuring those with mental illness as main characters.

My hope is to normalize conversations about mental health, as treating the subject as taboo is both ridiculous and harmful. I personally live with generalized anxiety disorder and bipolar, and I could’ve been diagnosed much sooner if our society was more accepting of such topics. Yet there are still people suffering from this stigma, who could experience a more satisfying life if their peers were able to face mental illnesses in an accepting, empathetic manner. This is why I feel this representation is important.

As a graduate of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, I’m well versed in comic arts and storytelling. I’ve self-published comics in the past, and I currently post weekly pages for the webcomic A LUNATIC’S TALE. Wanting to traditionally publish a different kind of story, I created a separate project: WHAT SHADOWS KNOW.

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